Community Led Homes


Having now secured the option on the site we are now starting to plan. We are seeking funding for design and planning and hope to secure this within the next few months. We see this as a community led housing project and want to involve those local to the site in making it happen.  When it comes to letting the homes, we will also give preference to those with local connections (but they must be on Vale’s housing register). 


Appointing at architect:  We plan to have high spec low carbon buildings which we know will be more expensive to build but will be much nicer and cheaper to live in. Please contact us if you might be interested in designing this small project.


Securing planning:  We have already spoken to planners at Vale and also to all the immediate neighbours. We look forward to working with everyone to produce a high quality plan that will secure permission on its first attempt.  Please contact us if you are local and have time and energy to get involved in making this happen.


Building:  We will work in partnership with either a housing association or a developer to build the homes.


Letting:  The homes will be let to local people in housing need. We expect there will be about six homes (a mix of sizes) on the site. They will be cooperatively run by the tenants with help from OCLT. 


Interested in being a tenant: contact us.


The good news is that we have started the design process. We recently appointed...