Community bid for the Wolvercote Paper Mill site

First of all OCLT has joined forces with Oxford Cohousing, Kindling Housing Co-operative and Happy House Co-operative to form Homes for Oxford. We are primarily doing this in order to combine forces to make a credible bid for the Wolvercote Paper Mill site, owned by the University and which is currently being marketed by Savills.

Homes for Oxford is making a bid and is currently asking for investment funding. Oxfordshire Community Foundation is so impressed with the ideas that they are hosting the gathering of donations and pledges towards the funding of the land purchase.  If you are interested in this (or know someone who is) please visit the simple website Homes for Oxford has set up in order to publicise this bid.

This will be a ground breaking and innovative project so please give it your support however small! 
The plans were featured prominently in this week’s Oxford Times so look out for that. 

Second we heard last week that things are moving again with the small piece of land in Dean Court where we have planning permission to build six affordable homes. No details yet but we hope that we will have good news for you in the next few months. 

The OCLT Executive Team